Krystyna Stawecka
Krystyna Stawecka Ph. D.

About us

Art of the Icon is a gallery dealing with a new phenomenon in the culture of Western European 21st century, which is contemporary icon. We sell and promote and promoting this type of art, as well as organise exhibitions, panels with authors and publish exhibition catalogs, albums, studies, reproductions e.t.c. Numerous artists from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus cooperate with the gallery.

The owner of the gallery is Krystyna Stawecka Ph. D., a historian, museum specialist, theologian, manager of culture and curator qualified with many years of working experience in museums. She is an author of scientific studies in the field of art and theology of icon, and an experienced implementer of many projects in the field of icon conservation, exhibitions and purchasing of works of art for museum collections. She has created the renowned Museum Of Icons in Supraśl and wrote the script for the museum's permanent exhibition. She initiated the construction of the collection of contemporary icons at the Museum Of Icons in Supraśl , as well as founded and produced the International Iconographic Competition 'New Beauty Epifania'.
All lovers of icon art, especially those created in the 21st century, surprising, diverse, moving and contemplative are welcome to experience our unusual art. Here you will see and experience what the iconic art is today.

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